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Sunday, April 01, 2007

month in review: 2007 March

2cream, rice, 4 apples, grapesVillage Food Market$14.48
3biscuitfood forum$1.00
5coffee, muffinPerkins$5.09
52 ferry tickets Nanaimo to Horseshoe BayBC Ferries$23.00
5butterfly stickers, wire brush, steel woolDollar Store$3.39
5donate changeSave On$0.03
6bulk foodFamous Foods$38.48
63 packages of grommets ($1 each), grommet crimper ($1.39), 15% tax (70 cents)Army Navy Department Store, New West$5.39
65 passenger ferry tickets, Gabriola/NanaimoBC Ferries$20.00
92x5cents+6beerx10cents+penny found$0.71
10lamination pouchesfriend$25.00
10groceriesVillage Food Market$8.99
10dozen eggsneighbour$3.00
12cat food + groceriesVillage Food Market$6.90
13donateIan McAllister$4.00
132 cookies+2 coffeesIan McAllister$2.00
13cookieIan McAllister$0.50
17groceriesVillage Food Market$8.64
17print cover letterlibrary$0.15
19org.1/2lb butter,5org.apples,non-org avacadoVillage Food Market$9.42
201x10cent beer bottle+1x5cents$0.15
20spinach, avacadoVillage Food Market$2.18
22organic gala appleThrifty Foods$0.76
224.8 lb org. navel orangesFairway Market$4.88
22hex torques,adjustable wrench, 3 pliersHome Hardware$41.78
228 cans FriskiesThrifty Foods$4.52
24Olympic no fat organic yogurt ($4.29), bulk raw pumpkin seeds .45kg@$11.95/kg ($5.36), 2 small avacados @ 79 cents each ($1.58), Earthbound baby lettuce ($3.48 *saved $1.51), organic Braeburn apples 1.265kg@3.26/kg ($4.12 *saved $1.42), 1/2 lb organic butter ($6.99), Grimm's tortillas ww 10" ($3.49), Lundberg organic brown sweet rice ($4.99)Village Food Market$34.30
264 bottlesx10cents+2cansx10centsLiquor Store$0.60
29golden harvest muffinPerkins$2.43
291 page resume for The Sourcelibrary$0.15
29wraps, lettuce, shared foodCostco$15.00
2912 oatmeal cookiesThrifty Foods$2.99
30scooter gasco-op$3.56
month totals$592.01$2.86
money outgoing$589.15
cash on hand now$121.45
cash on hand last month$710.60
cash outgoing$589.15
cash missing$0.00


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