Money Log

Friday, August 03, 2007

month in review: 2007 July

4day old muffin, Wednesday special: medium hot chocolatePerkins$3.55
55 car ticketsBC Ferries$78.75
6money back for ferry tickets$80.00
7bottle returnliquor store$1.30
7bottle returnVillage Food Market$1.90
1010 packages seed, glovesDollar Store$3.39
10cake, whip creamSave On Food$7.98
11contribution for veggie doghotdog stand$2.00
11contribution for regular hotdoghotdog stand$0.85
112 fries, 2 hotdogs, 2 drinks + refillsCostco Wholesale$8.44
11$12/hour x 9.5hours$114.00
18$10 Rogers prepaidVillage Food Market$11.30
182.851L x $1.119/LMid Island Co-op$3.19
22found a penny$0.01
229am - 3:30pmspreading patio crush$70.00
221.868L x $1.119/LMid Island Co-op$2.09
25GST refund (quarterly payment)HSBC$59.25
25RCA cables, paper, and contribution towards other itemsDollar Giant$9.04
25phono jack Y-adapterTom Lee Music$4.47
25groceriesCostco Wholesale$115.82
25Upwords, Scrabble dictionaryToys R Us$32.66
25medium friesPirate Chips$4.25
25change from friend$0.16
271.885L x $1.109/LMid Island Co-op$2.09
28iomega zip 250 (not tested) including power supplyGIRO$0.50
28two paychequesbank$642.00
2940L x $1.109L, 1.89L dark chocolate ice creamMid Island Co-op$52.83
31contribute towards rent$200.00
31contribute towards food$85.00
31money back for Upwords$20.00
319hours x $12/hour + $2$110.00
month totals$656.63$1098.62
money coming in$441.99
cash on hand now$664.91
cash on hand last month$222.90
cash coming in$442.01
two cents more unaccounted for$0.02

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Checklist: Think Before You Spend

  1. Don't Shop.
  2. Live within your means.
  3. Take care of what you have.
  4. Wear it out.
  5. Do it yourself.
  6. Anticipate your needs.
  7. Research value, quality, durability, and multiple use.
  8. Get it for less.
  9. Buy used.
  10. Follow the steps of this program.
(New Road Map Foundation excerpt from chapter six of the book Your Money Or Your Life)

month in review: 2007 June

2found dime$0.10
2snacks for boat trip$20.00
5groceriesThe Green Store, Nanaimo$19.89
62 hot chocolatesTim Horton, Parksville$5.00
6tea, coffee, muffinPacific Brim, Parksville$10.00
6chess set, rulerthrift store, Parksville$10.00
8bottle returnVillage Food Market$2.90
81L 2% milkVillage Food Market$1.79
8cheesiesVillage Food Market$1.25
8chai teaMermaid's Mug$4.39
134.5vdc, book Diet For A New AmericaGIRO$1.00
13found a penny$0.01
137 hours labour x $10/hrPeter$70.00
13organic lemon juiceVillage Food Market$4.78
13postage for a friendpost office$0.06
16partially paid for $1 sailing bookGIRO$0.11
16paid half for lettuce, spinachGood Earth$6.85
161L cream, licoriceVillage Food Market$3.14
16keyboard standgarage sale$25.00
161.5 hours labour x $12/hr + $2 tipBJ$20.00
16found a quarter$0.25
165 hours labour x $10/hrPeter$50.00
20salad dressingThe Green Store$3.00
20$10 Rogers prepaidThe Source$11.30
2036 condomsLondon Drugs$11.29
202L #3 organic maple syrupCharlie Browns$40.12
20popcorn, 2 sodasSave-On Foods$8.66
20contribution for phone cardfriend$10.00
22contribute gas money for vanCo-op$10.88
236 applesVillage Food Market$2.87
232 coffeesThe Vault$4.25
232 dessertsDelicado's$4.75
2310 passenger ticketsBC Ferries$41.00
23donate to some guy on ferry$1.75
26donate guy outside Thrifty's wanting to buy nectarines$1.00
26large popcorn with real butter, Dasani water, refill without butterGateway$10.04
26nectarines, applesThrifty's$5.34
28found while housecleaning$2.64
301 x 5 cents + 2 x 10 cents$0.25
month totals$269.51$156.15
money going out$113.36
cash on hand last month$355.50
cash on hand now$222.90
cash going out$132.60
cash missing or spent and unaccounted for$19.24
Mr. Fix It

Saturday, June 02, 2007

month in review: 2007 May

9plant trees - landscapingfriend's house$100.00
10chai tea specialPerkin's$2.28
10seedsHome Hardware$5.59
10small flowerssuperstore$2.00
11Holey SolesHarbour Shoes$30.10
11Rogers prepaid $10The Source$11.30
13popcorn $2.80/kg + 2 licoriceVillage Market Foods$1.17
16$2.15 daily special - medium hot chocolate, Americano, 2 x day old muffinsPerkin's$6.67
163x25cents - calling friendspayphone in Victoria$0.75
16found a dimeCafe Fantastico$0.10
16made a wish, threw dime in a wellCafe Fantastico$0.10
172 Americanos and a bag of coffee beansCafe Fantastico$11.00
172 coffees + tipCafe Fantastico$5.20
17donate for beach lunch itemsfriends$20.00
17coffeeSerious Coffee$5.00
17found a looniein my pack$1.00
17found a pennyparking lot at Costco$0.01
19friend paying me for Victoria trip expensesfriend$30.00
22tax refund (see assessment)Revenue Canada$279.71
22sunglassesPort Mall$12.60
226 packages seed, lighterDollar Store$2.83
22large and small coffeeLake Cowichan grocer$3.96
23popcorn 2.49/kg@2.30/kgSave On Foods$5.73
241L creamTwin Beaches c-store$2.49
276xpesto, $1.28 apple,$1.19 Romaine lettuceVillage Market Foods$17.47
271L creamTwin Beaches c-store$2.99
28call Peter about landscaping helperpayphone$0.25
28call friendpayphone$0.25
28donate money to person for a phone callpayphone$0.30
29Rogers prepaid $10Village Market Foods$11.30
30bag of clothesGIRO$2.00
30going half on groceriesVillage Market Foods$5.01
month totals$168.34$414.47
money coming in$246.13
money coming in (check)$246.13
cash on hand now$355.50
cash on hand last month$109.30
cash coming in$246.20
cash missing$0.07

Sunday, May 20, 2007

month in review: 2007 April

34x10centsliquor store$0.40
317x5centsVillage Food Market$0.85
41L half+half creamtwin beaches c-store$2.99
8scooter gas 1.14/Lco-op gas$3.36
8found changecoat pocket$0.39
115x10cents beer cansliquor store$0.50
11med. Coffee+med. Hot chocolate @2.15+$1 tipPerkins$5.35
115 rolls duct tape, 2 pr. Socks, scissors, 2x12 colored pencilsDollar Giant$11.30
11dinnnerAmrikko's By the Sea Indian Grill$20.00
135x10cents wine bottles+2x10cents beer bottlesliquor store$0.70
13500 square feet 6mil poly vapourArbutus Building Supply$32.72
14chai tea+coffeeTwin Beaches Bakery$3.23
14scooter gas 1.179/Lco-op gas$3.24
14hand sewing machine, clips, box, utensil holder, microphone, cup with lidGIRO$2.50
17found changecoat pocket$0.76
19phone callpayphone$0.25
21litre creamtwin beaches c-store$2.99
243x10centsliquor store$0.30
24Abundance workshopHaven$20.00
24butterVillage Food Market$4.39
27camping jack knife multi-tool with can-openerdollar giant$0.93
27going half on a box of 36 condomsLondon Drugs$4.74
month totals$123.99$112.85
money outgoing$11.14
cash on hand last month$121.45
cash on hand now$109.38
cash outgoing$12.07
cash missing$0.93
cash that ought to be on hand now$110.31

Sunday, April 01, 2007

month in review: 2007 March

2cream, rice, 4 apples, grapesVillage Food Market$14.48
3biscuitfood forum$1.00
5coffee, muffinPerkins$5.09
52 ferry tickets Nanaimo to Horseshoe BayBC Ferries$23.00
5butterfly stickers, wire brush, steel woolDollar Store$3.39
5donate changeSave On$0.03
6bulk foodFamous Foods$38.48
63 packages of grommets ($1 each), grommet crimper ($1.39), 15% tax (70 cents)Army Navy Department Store, New West$5.39
65 passenger ferry tickets, Gabriola/NanaimoBC Ferries$20.00
92x5cents+6beerx10cents+penny found$0.71
10lamination pouchesfriend$25.00
10groceriesVillage Food Market$8.99
10dozen eggsneighbour$3.00
12cat food + groceriesVillage Food Market$6.90
13donateIan McAllister$4.00
132 cookies+2 coffeesIan McAllister$2.00
13cookieIan McAllister$0.50
17groceriesVillage Food Market$8.64
17print cover letterlibrary$0.15
19org.1/2lb butter,5org.apples,non-org avacadoVillage Food Market$9.42
201x10cent beer bottle+1x5cents$0.15
20spinach, avacadoVillage Food Market$2.18
22organic gala appleThrifty Foods$0.76
224.8 lb org. navel orangesFairway Market$4.88
22hex torques,adjustable wrench, 3 pliersHome Hardware$41.78
228 cans FriskiesThrifty Foods$4.52
24Olympic no fat organic yogurt ($4.29), bulk raw pumpkin seeds .45kg@$11.95/kg ($5.36), 2 small avacados @ 79 cents each ($1.58), Earthbound baby lettuce ($3.48 *saved $1.51), organic Braeburn apples 1.265kg@3.26/kg ($4.12 *saved $1.42), 1/2 lb organic butter ($6.99), Grimm's tortillas ww 10" ($3.49), Lundberg organic brown sweet rice ($4.99)Village Food Market$34.30
264 bottlesx10cents+2cansx10centsLiquor Store$0.60
29golden harvest muffinPerkins$2.43
291 page resume for The Sourcelibrary$0.15
29wraps, lettuce, shared foodCostco$15.00
2912 oatmeal cookiesThrifty Foods$2.99
30scooter gasco-op$3.56
month totals$592.01$2.86
money outgoing$589.15
cash on hand now$121.45
cash on hand last month$710.60
cash outgoing$589.15
cash missing$0.00

Saturday, March 10, 2007

death and taxes

I filled out and sent the income tax forms to Ottawa in a red-colored envelope.
I don't think I made anywhere near enough money in 2006 to actually pay any tax. I may receive a tax refund because one of the companies I worked for deducted taxes -- even though I explicitly requested that they not deduct taxes.
What are Canadian tax dollars being invested in?
January 22, 2007 ACTION ALERT: How is the Harper government handling the war in Afghanistan?

Canada's role in the invasion of Afghanistan ???

I won't pay taxes unless Canada invests in what is in the best interests of Canadians.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

a month in review: 2007feb

1tube repair kitvillage paint & hardware$2.25
1cocoa, cheese, rice, sugar, pickles, tortillasvillage food market$37.34
32 sets bike brake padsvillage paint & hardware$11.18
3feb15-mar15, housesit expensebank$300.00
4picture framedollar store$1.12
4tipMermaid's Mug$1.00
4No. 2 busNanaimo$2.25
4movie: Happy FeetWoodgrove Mall$7.90
4flatbreadThrifty Food$2.50
7Microsoft Visual Studio 97 Professional Edition
8found money?


134 x 10 cents + 2 x 5 centsbottle return
14give friend money to buy itemsGiro$6.50
17gear cablePedal Pushers$5.00
1736 condoms, toothpaste with neemLondon Drugs$16.70
17hot chocolateMermaid's Mug$3.69
19organic butter, eggs and chocolate powdervillage food market$20.96
20pay back money owedfriend$20.00
20WD-40village paint & hardware$8.58
20fair trade organic Cocoa Caminovillage food market$7.99
23book: Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbinssecond hand store$1.56
23bowl of chilliMermaid's Mug$5.62
23contribute for scooter gasHusky gas station$2.00

month totals