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Saturday, June 02, 2007

month in review: 2007 May

9plant trees - landscapingfriend's house$100.00
10chai tea specialPerkin's$2.28
10seedsHome Hardware$5.59
10small flowerssuperstore$2.00
11Holey SolesHarbour Shoes$30.10
11Rogers prepaid $10The Source$11.30
13popcorn $2.80/kg + 2 licoriceVillage Market Foods$1.17
16$2.15 daily special - medium hot chocolate, Americano, 2 x day old muffinsPerkin's$6.67
163x25cents - calling friendspayphone in Victoria$0.75
16found a dimeCafe Fantastico$0.10
16made a wish, threw dime in a wellCafe Fantastico$0.10
172 Americanos and a bag of coffee beansCafe Fantastico$11.00
172 coffees + tipCafe Fantastico$5.20
17donate for beach lunch itemsfriends$20.00
17coffeeSerious Coffee$5.00
17found a looniein my pack$1.00
17found a pennyparking lot at Costco$0.01
19friend paying me for Victoria trip expensesfriend$30.00
22tax refund (see assessment)Revenue Canada$279.71
22sunglassesPort Mall$12.60
226 packages seed, lighterDollar Store$2.83
22large and small coffeeLake Cowichan grocer$3.96
23popcorn 2.49/kg@2.30/kgSave On Foods$5.73
241L creamTwin Beaches c-store$2.49
276xpesto, $1.28 apple,$1.19 Romaine lettuceVillage Market Foods$17.47
271L creamTwin Beaches c-store$2.99
28call Peter about landscaping helperpayphone$0.25
28call friendpayphone$0.25
28donate money to person for a phone callpayphone$0.30
29Rogers prepaid $10Village Market Foods$11.30
30bag of clothesGIRO$2.00
30going half on groceriesVillage Market Foods$5.01
month totals$168.34$414.47
money coming in$246.13
money coming in (check)$246.13
cash on hand now$355.50
cash on hand last month$109.30
cash coming in$246.20
cash missing$0.07


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