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Sunday, July 01, 2007

month in review: 2007 June

2found dime$0.10
2snacks for boat trip$20.00
5groceriesThe Green Store, Nanaimo$19.89
62 hot chocolatesTim Horton, Parksville$5.00
6tea, coffee, muffinPacific Brim, Parksville$10.00
6chess set, rulerthrift store, Parksville$10.00
8bottle returnVillage Food Market$2.90
81L 2% milkVillage Food Market$1.79
8cheesiesVillage Food Market$1.25
8chai teaMermaid's Mug$4.39
134.5vdc, book Diet For A New AmericaGIRO$1.00
13found a penny$0.01
137 hours labour x $10/hrPeter$70.00
13organic lemon juiceVillage Food Market$4.78
13postage for a friendpost office$0.06
16partially paid for $1 sailing bookGIRO$0.11
16paid half for lettuce, spinachGood Earth$6.85
161L cream, licoriceVillage Food Market$3.14
16keyboard standgarage sale$25.00
161.5 hours labour x $12/hr + $2 tipBJ$20.00
16found a quarter$0.25
165 hours labour x $10/hrPeter$50.00
20salad dressingThe Green Store$3.00
20$10 Rogers prepaidThe Source$11.30
2036 condomsLondon Drugs$11.29
202L #3 organic maple syrupCharlie Browns$40.12
20popcorn, 2 sodasSave-On Foods$8.66
20contribution for phone cardfriend$10.00
22contribute gas money for vanCo-op$10.88
236 applesVillage Food Market$2.87
232 coffeesThe Vault$4.25
232 dessertsDelicado's$4.75
2310 passenger ticketsBC Ferries$41.00
23donate to some guy on ferry$1.75
26donate guy outside Thrifty's wanting to buy nectarines$1.00
26large popcorn with real butter, Dasani water, refill without butterGateway$10.04
26nectarines, applesThrifty's$5.34
28found while housecleaning$2.64
301 x 5 cents + 2 x 10 cents$0.25
month totals$269.51$156.15
money going out$113.36
cash on hand last month$355.50
cash on hand now$222.90
cash going out$132.60
cash missing or spent and unaccounted for$19.24
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