Money Log

Friday, August 03, 2007

month in review: 2007 July

4day old muffin, Wednesday special: medium hot chocolatePerkins$3.55
55 car ticketsBC Ferries$78.75
6money back for ferry tickets$80.00
7bottle returnliquor store$1.30
7bottle returnVillage Food Market$1.90
1010 packages seed, glovesDollar Store$3.39
10cake, whip creamSave On Food$7.98
11contribution for veggie doghotdog stand$2.00
11contribution for regular hotdoghotdog stand$0.85
112 fries, 2 hotdogs, 2 drinks + refillsCostco Wholesale$8.44
11$12/hour x 9.5hours$114.00
18$10 Rogers prepaidVillage Food Market$11.30
182.851L x $1.119/LMid Island Co-op$3.19
22found a penny$0.01
229am - 3:30pmspreading patio crush$70.00
221.868L x $1.119/LMid Island Co-op$2.09
25GST refund (quarterly payment)HSBC$59.25
25RCA cables, paper, and contribution towards other itemsDollar Giant$9.04
25phono jack Y-adapterTom Lee Music$4.47
25groceriesCostco Wholesale$115.82
25Upwords, Scrabble dictionaryToys R Us$32.66
25medium friesPirate Chips$4.25
25change from friend$0.16
271.885L x $1.109/LMid Island Co-op$2.09
28iomega zip 250 (not tested) including power supplyGIRO$0.50
28two paychequesbank$642.00
2940L x $1.109L, 1.89L dark chocolate ice creamMid Island Co-op$52.83
31contribute towards rent$200.00
31contribute towards food$85.00
31money back for Upwords$20.00
319hours x $12/hour + $2$110.00
month totals$656.63$1098.62
money coming in$441.99
cash on hand now$664.91
cash on hand last month$222.90
cash coming in$442.01
two cents more unaccounted for$0.02


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