Money Log

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Checklist: Think Before You Spend

  1. Don't Shop.
  2. Live within your means.
  3. Take care of what you have.
  4. Wear it out.
  5. Do it yourself.
  6. Anticipate your needs.
  7. Research value, quality, durability, and multiple use.
  8. Get it for less.
  9. Buy used.
  10. Follow the steps of this program.
(New Road Map Foundation excerpt from chapter six of the book Your Money Or Your Life)

month in review: 2007 June

2found dime$0.10
2snacks for boat trip$20.00
5groceriesThe Green Store, Nanaimo$19.89
62 hot chocolatesTim Horton, Parksville$5.00
6tea, coffee, muffinPacific Brim, Parksville$10.00
6chess set, rulerthrift store, Parksville$10.00
8bottle returnVillage Food Market$2.90
81L 2% milkVillage Food Market$1.79
8cheesiesVillage Food Market$1.25
8chai teaMermaid's Mug$4.39
134.5vdc, book Diet For A New AmericaGIRO$1.00
13found a penny$0.01
137 hours labour x $10/hrPeter$70.00
13organic lemon juiceVillage Food Market$4.78
13postage for a friendpost office$0.06
16partially paid for $1 sailing bookGIRO$0.11
16paid half for lettuce, spinachGood Earth$6.85
161L cream, licoriceVillage Food Market$3.14
16keyboard standgarage sale$25.00
161.5 hours labour x $12/hr + $2 tipBJ$20.00
16found a quarter$0.25
165 hours labour x $10/hrPeter$50.00
20salad dressingThe Green Store$3.00
20$10 Rogers prepaidThe Source$11.30
2036 condomsLondon Drugs$11.29
202L #3 organic maple syrupCharlie Browns$40.12
20popcorn, 2 sodasSave-On Foods$8.66
20contribution for phone cardfriend$10.00
22contribute gas money for vanCo-op$10.88
236 applesVillage Food Market$2.87
232 coffeesThe Vault$4.25
232 dessertsDelicado's$4.75
2310 passenger ticketsBC Ferries$41.00
23donate to some guy on ferry$1.75
26donate guy outside Thrifty's wanting to buy nectarines$1.00
26large popcorn with real butter, Dasani water, refill without butterGateway$10.04
26nectarines, applesThrifty's$5.34
28found while housecleaning$2.64
301 x 5 cents + 2 x 10 cents$0.25
month totals$269.51$156.15
money going out$113.36
cash on hand last month$355.50
cash on hand now$222.90
cash going out$132.60
cash missing or spent and unaccounted for$19.24
Mr. Fix It