Money Log

Sunday, May 20, 2007

month in review: 2007 April

34x10centsliquor store$0.40
317x5centsVillage Food Market$0.85
41L half+half creamtwin beaches c-store$2.99
8scooter gas 1.14/Lco-op gas$3.36
8found changecoat pocket$0.39
115x10cents beer cansliquor store$0.50
11med. Coffee+med. Hot chocolate @2.15+$1 tipPerkins$5.35
115 rolls duct tape, 2 pr. Socks, scissors, 2x12 colored pencilsDollar Giant$11.30
11dinnnerAmrikko's By the Sea Indian Grill$20.00
135x10cents wine bottles+2x10cents beer bottlesliquor store$0.70
13500 square feet 6mil poly vapourArbutus Building Supply$32.72
14chai tea+coffeeTwin Beaches Bakery$3.23
14scooter gas 1.179/Lco-op gas$3.24
14hand sewing machine, clips, box, utensil holder, microphone, cup with lidGIRO$2.50
17found changecoat pocket$0.76
19phone callpayphone$0.25
21litre creamtwin beaches c-store$2.99
243x10centsliquor store$0.30
24Abundance workshopHaven$20.00
24butterVillage Food Market$4.39
27camping jack knife multi-tool with can-openerdollar giant$0.93
27going half on a box of 36 condomsLondon Drugs$4.74
month totals$123.99$112.85
money outgoing$11.14
cash on hand last month$121.45
cash on hand now$109.38
cash outgoing$12.07
cash missing$0.93
cash that ought to be on hand now$110.31